Sankirtan is singing God’s Name with feeling (Bhava), love (Prema) and faith (Shradda). In Sankirtan people join together and sing God’s Name collectively in a common place. Sankirtan is one of the nine modes of Bhakti. You can realize God through Kirtan alone. This is the easiest method for attaining God-consciousness in Kali Yuga or the Iron Age “Kalau Kesava-Kirtanat”.

When several people join together and practise Sankirtan, a huge spiritual current or Mahasakti is generated. This purifies the hearts of the aspirants and elevates them to the sublime heights of divine ecstasy or Samadhi. The powerful vibrations are carried to distant places. They bring elevation of mind, solace, strength to all people and work as a harbinger of peace, harmony and concord. They annihilate hostile forces and quickly bring peace and bliss to the whole world.

Kirtan destroys sins, Vasanas and Samskaras, fills the heart with Prema and devotion and brings the devotee face to face with God.

Sing the Lord’s Name from the bottom of your heart. Be wholly and solely devoted to Him. Delay in God-realization is extremely painful. Merge in Him. Live in Him. Be established in Him.

May peace and prosperity abide in you all.

Sadhana by Swami Sivananda
Chapter Eight
Sankirtan Sadhana – page 236

Join us for Satsang, during which we practice Kirtan. Coming together and singing the traditional yogic bhajans and chants is always a joyful, uplifting experience. We welcome all to join in anytime. No experience needed. See the Satsang page for details about times and dates each week.