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COVID-19 NOTICE: Centre Closed Temporarily – See Below for Online Options!

In this challenging time, it is important that we don’t stop our spiritual practice, as that’s where we get our strength! Keeping that in mind, we will provide you with support right here online!

Online Yoga Classes via Zoom

Cobra Yoga Pose - Toronto Sivananda Yoga Centre

Special Online Class Schedule

A regular yoga practice can help you deal with these hard times by keeping the body fit, the mind balanced and the energy positive. Our Yoga classes enable you to stretch your body and clear your mind.

Through the emphasis given to the breath, quickly feel the calming and vitalizing effect of the practice, while the short period of relaxation between each exercise leaves you refreshed and energized.

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Online Workshops, Courses & Events

Learn From Your Living Room

Delivered online, via the Zoom platform. Join in and interact live, in real-time with your teacher and fellow students. Examples include:

  • Gentle and Advanced Yoga
  • Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras
  • Kirtan Workshop, Positive Thinking
  • Meditation Courses and Intensives
  • Deep Relaxation Sessions
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May the Whole World Attain Peace and Harmony.