We offer personal, small groups and corporate classes

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to consult what kind of class and practice may be suitable to your needs.

Private Yoga Class

These classes are suitable if you are looking for personalized attention to adapt your yoga practice or to further your personal practice of asanas and pranayama. You may also simply prefer a live guided practice for yourself or your group.

1 hour class : $100/in-person, at the Yoga Center or online

1 .30 hour class :$130

Private Meditation class

Our private meditation classes will give you all the fundamentals to establish your own practice at home.

If you already have a practice our classes can help you go deeper in your meditation and help you understand the mechanics of the mind and the practice according to yoga philosophy.

1 hour class :$100 in person, at the Yoga Center or online

Over the years, many students have benefited from our personalized, private classes.