Prayer is depending on God for help in distress. Prayer is giving an opportunity to God to comfort the devotee. Prayer is lightening the heaviness of your heart by opening it to God. Prayer is expecting God to decide what is best for you when you are in dilemma. From despair, man learns prayer.

Prayer is not asking. Prayer is communion with God through single-minded devotion.

Prayer is nearness to God. Prayer is tuning the mind with God. Prayer is surrendering oneself to God completely. Prayer is melting the mind and ego in silence in God. Prayer represents a mystic state when the individual consciousness is absorbed in God.

Prayer is an uplifting of the soul to God. It is an act of love and adoration to him. Prayer is worship of God. Prayer is glorification of God. Prayer is thanksgiving to God for all His blessings.

Prayer is an invocation, a calling forth of spiritual forces ever flowing through the human heart, mind and soul. Prayer is a mighty spiritual force. It is as real as the force of gravity or attraction.

Prayers are powerful spiritual currents. There is nothing so purifying as prayer. If you pray regularly, your life will be gradually changed and molded. Prayer must become habitual. You will feel as if you cannot live without prayer, if prayer becomes a habit in you.

Prayer lightens the heart and fills the mind with peace, strength and purity. When the mind becomes pure and Sattvic through the power of prayer, the intellect becomes sharp and keen. Prayer elevates the mind.

Swami Sivananda
Bliss Divine, Page 384