God or Brahman is Supreme Silence. Soul is Silence. Peace is Silence. Atman is Silence. Silence is the language of Brahman. Silence is the language of the heart. Silence is the language of the sage. Silence is immense strength. Silence is great eloquence.

Silence is God. Silence is power. Silence is a living force. Silence is the only reality. The peace that passeth all understanding is Silence. The goal of your life is Silence. The aim of life is Silence. The purpose of your existence is Silence. Behind all noises and sounds is Silence – thy innermost Soul. Silence is thy real name. Silence is intuitive experience. Silence helps the intuitional Self to express Itself. To go into Silence is to become God.

He who observes silence possesses a peace, a strength, a happiness unknown to worldly people. He has abundant energy. He is ever serene and calm. In silence, there is strength, wisdom, peace, poise, joy, and bliss. In silence, there is freedom, perfection, and independence.

If you wish to observe Mauna (silence), you should keep yourself perfectly occupied in Japa, meditation, and Mantra writing. The energy of speech should be sublimated into spiritual energy and utilized for meditation. Then only you will enjoy serenity, calmness, peace, and inner spiritual strength.

Purify the mind and meditate. Be still, and know that you are God. Calm the mind. Silence the bubbling thoughts and surging emotions. Plunge deep into the innermost recess of your heart and enjoy the magnanimous Silence. Mysterious is the Silence. Enter into Silence. Know that Silence. Become Silence Itself. Become a Maha Mauni. Realize God now and here.

Swami Sivananda
Bliss Divine
Page 475