Adorations to OM. Salutations to OM. Prostrations to OM. Devotion to OM. Glory to OM. Victory to OM. Hosanna to OM. Hail to OM.

OM is a sacred monosyllable. OM is the mystic letter. OM is the immortal Akshara. In OM, the world rests. In OM, we live and move. In OM, we go to rest. In OM, we find our quest.

OM is the symbol of Brahman. OM is the word of power. OM is the life of all lives. OM is the soul of all souls. OM is verily Brahman. OM is the Satchidananda. OM is infinity. OM is eternity. OM is immortality.

OM is the source of everything. OM is the womb of all Vedas. OM is the basis for all languages. In OM merge all trinities. From OM proceed all sounds. In OM exist all objects.

OM is the highest Mantra. OM is Soham. OM is Om Tat Sat. OM is a lamp unto thy feet and a light unto thy path.

OM is the basis of all sounds. OM consists of three letters, A, U and M. A, U, M cover the whole range of sound vibrations.

OM is everything. OM is your real name. The world exists in OM and dissolves in OM. OM represents all. OM is the basis of your life, thought and intelligence.

Every kind of trinity is represented by OM, such as Brahma-Vishnu-Siva, past-present-future, birth-life-death, creation-preservation-destruction, waking-dreaming-deep sleep, being-non-being-becoming, and so on.

Live in OM. Meditate on OM. Inhale and exhale OM. Rest peacefully in OM. Take shelter in OM.

Swami Sivananda
Bliss Divine, Page 359