Below are some of the questions new students often ask. If your question is not answered below or if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where to Start / About Our Classes

I’ve never done yoga before. Where do I start?
We love teaching beginners and seeing them grow in their practice. Please review the New to Yoga page to see our recommendations for starting yoga.

What kind of yoga do you teach?
We teach an exact and easy-to-learn system of traditional Hatha Yoga and Vedanta (philosophy) that supports you in an ongoing practice for continued, growth physically, mentally, spiritually. Learn more about our Teachers and Teachings.

Do I have to take the Beginner Yoga Courses before attending the open, drop-in classes?
While we recommend it, it’s not required. Often, students attend open classes for a while, then later decide to take the Beginner Yoga Courses in order to study the practice in more detail.

I have a wrist/shoulder/back/etc injury. Is it OK to take a yoga class?
It depends, Yoga can help with the healing process. Please let the teacher know before class of any concerns you have so that he/she can offer modifications. If any posture is not feeling right for your body, it is OK to ease off, skip it, or ask the teacher for help.

What to Bring / Facilities

What should I wear?
We recommend you wear loose clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in. A t-shirt and cotton pants, track pants or leggings are great. Note that we practice barefoot (for safety, this prevents slipping on your mat).

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
No, we provide yoga mats that you can use, free of charge. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat to classes if you wish.

Is there a cost to use your yoga mats?
No, there is no cost to use our yoga mats.

Do you have change rooms, yoga mat storage space or shower facilities?
Yes, we have change rooms. Sorry, we do not have space for mat storage. You are welcome to use our yoga mats (free of charge) if you aren’t able to travel with your own. We do not have shower facilities.


What is the cost of your yoga classes?
As we are part of a non-profit organization, we are able to keep prices to a minimum. Please see the Class Prices page for details.

What is the Membership? How much does it cost and what does it include?
Memberships are $55 per year and entitle you to a discount on classes, courses, workshops and retreats. Membership proceeds go toward running the Centre and also toward offering a variety of Community Outreach programs.

Location / Parking

Where are you located?
We are located at 77 Harbord Street, Toronto, M5S 1G4 – a couple of blocks south of where Spadina and Bloor intersect and across from the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. See our Contact Page for a map and more details.

Are you near a TTC subway or streetcar?
We are about two blocks south of the Spadina Subway station. The 510 Streetcar running along Spadina Street stops at Harbord Street. We are just a few buildings in along Harbord where it crosses Spadina. See map.

Where can I park my car?
There are Green P Parking spots available along Harbord Street and Spadina Street. Tip: Spots on Harbord are less expensive than Spadina.

Is there a place to store my bicycle?
There is a post in front of the Centre were you can lock up your bicycle during class.