Kids Yoga Classes

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FUN-ASANA! Kids and Teens can also benefit from practicing yoga! Classes are designed to be fun, engaging and appropriate for each age group’s developmental stage. A few ways yoga can help kids and teens are to:

  • Develop fitness and coordination
  • Assist with athletic skills if involved with sports
  • Sharpen concentration for better studying
  • Instill a positive attitude toward life
  • Learn tools to help manage stress and difficult emotions
  • Have fun with friends

Yoga for Little Kids - Age 4 to 7 Years Short Description: Yoga is interwoven with stories, songs and play.  Saturday mornings,  September 15 - November 10

Yoga for Kids - Age 8 to 11 Years Short Description: Fun after-school program for kids to learn yoga and make friends. Wednesday afternoons, September 19 - November 14