Courses Offered

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp offers courses throughout the year on many interesting and uplifting topics. Most courses are open to all and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. The Ashram environment is especially conducive to topics that explore the intricate connection between mind and body, allowing you to dive deeply into spiritual and yogic practices in a safe environment and with experienced teachers.

This section includes a wide array of wellness and nutrition courses that will teach you how to make wiser food choices as well as how to maintain proper eating habits. These include Ayurvedic cooking and Indian Cooking workshops. We also offer Juice Fasting courses, to educate on how to properly detoxify the body and mind and the health benefits gained.

Most of the courses in this section take place on weekends and some are week-long. It is mandatory to attend the entire duration of these courses from beginning to end.

Cooking and Nutrition


Yoga Foundations


Specialized Courses