Further Trainings

Yoga is offered today in many different contexts to meet a wide variety of specific needs. And every yoga class has students of diverse capacities and abilities. The Sivananda Further Training courses are designed to give yoga teachers the specialized knowledge and skills needed to confidently meet these teaching challenges.

This course is based on teachings of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization but is open to yoga teachers of all traditions. It is assumed that students are familiar with SYVC teaching and Swami Vishnudevananda’s five basic points of yoga.
*75 Hr Continued Education Certificate with Yoga Alliance upon completion.

Continued Education

Education never stops after completing our Sivananda’s Teacher Training Course. The TTC sparks the flame on our spiritual path and it is up to us to keep that flame lit. All year round we offer various continued education courses that will bring you deeper into your practice and help you further expand on your teaching skills.

These courses continue to go deeper into the different topics addressed during the Teacher’s Training Course and also broaden your teaching abilities. This will help you further adapt your classes to different students and gain confidence in your teaching. Our mission to spread peace starts with ourselves and as we continue to learn we are able to continue to inspire and spread Swami Vishnudevananda’s teachings.

Certified Adapted Yoga Training with Anjaneya (Micheal Hutkins)

This program teaches how to make hatha yoga accessible for people needing a more gentle approach, modifications, or adaptations, due to health issues, ageing, injuries, or other physical or mental limitations. You will learn how to adapt asanas and asana choices to offer the same benefits in a way that can be tailored to individuals, or a groups special needs.

You will study:

  • Philosophy of asanas
  • Joint exercises
  • How to safely modify asanas while maintaining their benefits
  • Teaching philosophy for a gentle/accessible class
  • Philosophy of ageing
  • How to adapt to common chronic diseases
  • Working with injuries
  • Learn to teach a complete class in a chair and standing for those who can not access the floor.
  • Learn to teach a class using a chair or wall for support when necessary.
  • Learn to teach an adapted classical hatha yoga class (Gentle yoga)
  • Learn to teach seamlessly to a group of individuals that might be in all the above categories

Program Schedule


  • 3:00pm      Check-in
  • 4:00pm      Hatha Yoga Class
  • 6:00pm      Dinner
  • 7:30pm      Satsang (silent practice, mantra chanting, talk) *
  • 10:00pm    Lights Out


  • 5:30am      Wake Up Bell
  • 6:00am      Satsang* or Silent Walk
  • 8:00am      Hatha Yoga Class
  • 10:00am    Brunch
  • 10:45am    Karma Yoga
  • 12:00pm  – 6:00pm  Practice and theory Adapted yoga workshop
  • 6:00pm      Dinner
  • 7:30pm      Satsang*
  • 10:00pm    Lights Out


  • 5:30am      Wake Up Bell
  • 6:00am      Satsang* or Silent Walk
  • 8:00am      Practice and theory Adapted yoga workshop
  • 10:00am    Brunch
  • 12:00am – 3:00pm    Practice and theory Adapted yoga workshop
  • 3:00pm    Room Check-Out

Anjaneya (Michael Hutkins) is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist with 25 years of experience in Sivananda yoga. He teaches and offers yoga therapy in Gatineau/Ottawa as well as sharing courses in Canada and the USA.

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June 14 – 16 weekend retreat