Day Programs

We are offering two yoga classes daily at 8AM and 4PM. The class will be on the pond platform if weather permits, or at the Mataji Hall.

In order to participate in the yoga class you must first register and make the payment online by choosing one of the following options:

Single class for $18
Ten-class pass for $150
One-month unlimited pass for $275
Half day pass: 1 satsang (meditation, mantra chanting and lecture) , 1 yoga class, 1 lecture and 1 vegetarian meal either am or pm for 50$
Full day pass: 2 satsangs, 2 yoga classes, 1 lecture, 2 vegetarian meals

Our classes encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength, and vitality in the body while calming the mind. Yoga goes beyond the physical aspects and is a spiritual system that helps us connect with ourselves on a deeper level. By doing proper exercise and keeping a healthy body, we are able to focus on the more subtle aspects of ourselves to find inner peace.

Each yoga class lasts one hour 45 minutes and consist of the following:

Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Warm-ups (including sun salutations)
12 basic asanas (postures)
Savasana (deep relaxation)