Yoga Vacation for Wellbeing

Feel Recharged and Restore your Energy

Swami Vishundevanada developed the ‘Yoga Vacation’ program in 1962 with the intention of creating space, time and distance from one’s regular schedule. This has been achieved by integrating the practices and philosophy of Yoga in the Ashram structured routine. The engagement to the daily practices develops one’s spiritual practice, allowing one to gain greater peace in life and understanding of oneself.

A chance to rejuvenate the mind, body, soul though yoga immersion system, improving ones’ general health and de-stressing in a naturally peaceful setting in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, only one hour away from Montreal.

Yoga Vacation is available all year round for any required amount of time. The daily schedule has been designed to enable time for complete rest and inner renewal. This is achieved by two Yoga classes, consisting of the physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, two nutritious wholesome vegetarian meals, mediation sessions, devotional chanting and spiritual teachings. There is also the option to walk on our many acres and trails, use of the wood burning, or infrared sauna, time to read or contemplate in the library; or book a massage to suit your needs at the Ayurveda clinic.

Other available seasonal options are use of the swimming pool, snowshoeing, visit to the traditional temple Subramanya temple.

There are many opportunities to enhance your experience: attend special programmes where there is a specific topics or areas that may be of interest such as, yoga and relaxation, detoxification, yoga for health and well being, Ayurveda and many more.

The Yoga Vacation has been created to leave one feeling refreshed, centered and peaceful, and importantly inspiring so that the essence of the developed practice can remain in the mind and body. Guidance is available by experienced staff members, on how one is able to implement spirituality and positive changes in your life, also how one can incorporate daily spiritual practice after the experience at the ashram.

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Day Guest


“My experience at the ashram was quite transformational in the sense that one finally can spend time with oneself, go deeper within and search for answers, whatever your questions may be. There is no other time to think about trivialities or thoughts conjured by our minds. You are moving in unison with everyone else who is physically present on this journey, through your daily routines of Asanas, breath practices, prayers and chanting and a different regimen of nutritious food for your body. Once you allow your mind and body to settle and accept your new circumstances, being open to these new experiences becomes the key to the spiritual transformation which one so honestly seeks and desires.”

Guest, March 2017