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Services offered

  • Archana
  • Pongala
  • Annaprashanam
  • Vidyarambham
  • Namakarana
  • Vahana Puja (New Vehicle Blessing)
  • Chowlam (Hair Cutting)
  • Puja to one selected Deity
  • Puja to all Deities
  • Ganapathi Puja
  • Ganapathi Homa
  • Ayyappa Padi Puja
  • Shanti Puja for Mental Peace
  • Navagraha Shanti (Nine Planets Propitiated)
  • Marriages
  • Amman Locket Puja
  • Murugan Locket Puja
  • Tayatthu (Rakshas, Taviz, Talismans)

Ablutions to all deities with different elements such as milk, water, honey, ghee and other traditional items, followed by decorating deities and Arati. Abhisekam and Puja can be booked online .

Items for Regular Puja

  • Sesame Oil For The Lamps
  • Basmati Rice For Neivedyam
  • Outfits For The Deities
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Betel Leaves and Detel Nut
  • Garlands
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Rice Powder
  • Camphor
  • Coconut
  • Dhoopam Cones Or Dashangam

Additional items for Abhishekam

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Ghee
  • Coconut Water Cans
  • Rose Water

Archana is a special short puja conducted by the priest for an individual or family. It is usually done after the main puja and is a way of asking God for something important or special, such as success in school or business. This “personal” puja can also be offered to express thanks for some good fortune. Inform the priest if you want an Archana. He will tell you when it can be done and the requested minimum donation. You should bring fruits and flowers on an offering tray. As you stand in front of the shrine, the priest will ask your name, gotra (family lineage), and birth star (or sign). During the short puja you mentally pray to God. Archana can be booked online

Samskaras are rites of passage and a central part of every person’s life. There are some principal samskaras. Namakaranam (name giving) is usually done at forty days for a child or any time for an adult entering Hinduism. Annaprasanam (giving the baby its first solid food) is celebrated at one year of age. Ear piercing is also celebrated at one year. Head shaving is performed at three years of age. Vidyarambham (starting reading and writing) is at four years of age. Marriages are also performed. Samskaras can be arranged with the temple priest. The priest will select an auspicious time, explain how to prepare for the event, and what to bring. A minimum donation is requested for these special, often elaborate ceremonies which usually include a puja and a homa (fire ceremony).
  • The fee is $1000 (CAD) for the use of all facilities excluding the kitchen and the services of priest Dakshina.
  • The services of priest Dakshina cost a minimum of $250(CAD).
  • Only our Priest is permitted to perform a marriage at the temple.
  • All grounds are available, depending on the location of the wedding (indoor or outdoor). Pitching tents and taking them down is the responsibility of the marriage party. The marriage party is also liable for any damage to the premises or grounds occurring during the marriage. Tents may be erected the night before the marriage and must be removed the same evening after the marriage.
  • Temple rooms are available at a rate of $125 per room with attached bathtub.
  • You can order food at the temple for $5 (CAD) per meal for regular meals. A special meal can cost between $6 and 10 (CAD) depending on the Menu. If you are ordering from an external caterer, the caterer is responsible for bringing and installing warming plates. If you wish to use our kitchen to cook or warm up food, it will cost $200 for 4 hours. Please note regular temple cooking must be finished prior to you having access to the kitchen.
  • At the end of the marriage, the entire temple premises and areas used by you must be cleaned by you.
  • Please check available dates and times with our priest.
  • No vehicles are allowed up the hill. The temple can make arrangements for disabled persons and drop off and pick up chairs, tents, decorations etc. by appointment only.

For all Puja and Abhishekam advanced booking is required. Please phone the Temple 819-322-1379 or make your booking online. Kindly check with the priest for complete list of items.