Pongala, a celebration of Devi by women, is one of our most popular festivals of the year. Rice is cooked in an earthen pot and then offered to the Divine Mother. This simple and humble offering of rice is traditionally carried out immediately after the harvest.

Please note this festival takes place on the 3rd Sunday of June every year.

Kaavadi is a celebration in honor of Lord Subramanya. Devotees fulfill pledges to God by going on pilgrimage to the Temples of Lord Subramanya. Some walk for great distances carrying milk, or panagam (a sweet drink dear to Lord Muruga). Other pilgrims carry kaavadis (arches adorned with peacock feathers) balanced on their shoulders. These kaavadis are excellent conductors of spiritual energy. Sometimes for this ceremony devotees may put spears through their bodies as a way of penance and transcendence. Very often pilgrims swoon, or go into trances and predict the future.