An Ounce of Practice is Worth a Ton of Theory

Join Sivananda Yoga Canada in support of community projects

Having difficulties maintaining your spiritual practice at home? The pressures of work, family life and social obligations often push our practice onto the back burner. Well, Sivananda Yoga Canada is coming to your rescue!!!!

Every month we will announce a personal spiritual practice for you to do at a certain date and time of day in your own home or locality. You don’t have to go anywhere—a group practice, with all the benefits, but done remotely!!! And for every participant in the practice event the Sivananda organisation will pledge a donation to a community project. So not only do you have the support of knowing that others are doing the same practice at the same time throughout the country and perhaps even the world, but also that your participation will help towards a community project.

It is a win-win situation. You grow because you are doing the practice, and giving to the community, as well as creating a positive vibration benefiting society as a whole. And of course the project gains from the donation it receives. How wonderful is that?


For example, let’s say the Sivananda organisation designated project is to teach yoga at a Seniors’ Care Home. We commit to teach one hour of yoga at the Home for every participant in a practice event. So on a designated date e.g. December 12 we will ask you to practice perhaps for example one hour of mouna (silence) from 10am – 11am, wherever you are. If you are interested in participating you register with us before the event and at the designated time you do the practice. If 100 people sign up for this we will offer 100 hours of yoga teaching to the Seniors’ Home.

 At the beginning of each month, information for the upcoming event will be posted on our websites, newsletters and social media outlets. A video will explain the community project being supported, and the individual practice event. There will be a sign-up form for every practice event. The day before the event takes place the sign-up form will be closed, and based on the number of participants in the event, the Sivananda organisation will then fulfil its pledge made to the designated project.

Serve love give…..Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda tell us again and again to give to others in the spirit of karma yoga….for our own spiritual growth and for the benefit of others. Join us in this great opportunity to unite with like-minded souls and spread a little happiness and joy to ourselves and the world.

Upcoming Events


Our next event will take place on June 21st for the International Yoga Day. We will do 108 sun salutations at 4 p.m. on June 21st.

In Hindu mythology, the sun god is worshipped as a symbol of health and immortal life. The Rig Veda declares that “Surya is the Soul, both of the moving and unmoving beings”.

The Sun Salutation originated as a series of prostrations to the sun. Traditionally, it is performed at dawn, facing the rising sun. In time, each of the twelve positions came to have its own mantra, celebrating aspects of the sun’s divinity. The Sun Salutation is a graceful sequence of twelve positions performed as one continuous exercise. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the body in a different way and alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing. Practiced daily, it will bring great flexibility to your spine and joints and trim your waist.

During the event Lalita chaitanya will guide the class for an hour or so. The class will be streamed live online on facebook and instagram so you can join us.

For this event, we are making a pledge of monetary donations to the LGBT community center of montreal https://ccglm.org/en/

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