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Yoga for Beginners

The Beginners Course provides a sound foundation for the basic Sivananda yoga class. Students are taken through the class step-by-step in a small group, with explanations of the postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), which allows for more personal one-to-one corrections. This is open to anyone who is completely new to yoga, new to the Sivananda class, or anyone who would like to go back to the basics.

A free-trial class is available every Sunday at 5.00 pm for those curious to see how our classes are structured.

The course is structured over 5 classes, meeting once a week, for 5 weeks.
Advance registration is necessary. Arrive 10 minutes in advance. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for the class. We provide yoga mats and cushions.

To register: please call us at 514-279-3545 or email [email protected]