Class Descriptions

Open Intermediate Yoga Class

These intermediate classes are open to persons who are familiar with yoga practise. It is therefore advised that start with Yoga for Beginners before you take these classes. You will expand your regular practice by learning new variations of the postures to build strength and flexibility and experience more deeper aspects of Hatha yoga.

These classes include: Sun salutation, breathing exercises, the 12 basics postures and their variations and a final relaxation. You will better integrate the 12 basics postures and integrate a personal practice.

Sivananda yoga centre hatha yoga classes

Dynamic/Advanced Yoga Class

If you are a seasoned practitioner and are keen to deepen your experience further, then this yoga class is for you. In this class, prāṇāyāma (breathing exercises) rounds are increased, yoga āsanas (postures) are held longer and advanced variations will challenge both body and mind.  Postures held longer help in stilling the mind into silence and also understanding the difference between putting effort into holding a posture (beginner/intermediate) and effortlessly holding a posture (advanced). This class is not suitable for beginners.

Sivananda yoga centre senior gentle classes

Gentle Yoga Class

The Gentle yoga class offers a softer, adapted approach to the classic Sivananda class sequence. It is especially nice for beginners or anyone who wants to practice at a slower pace. It is therefore suitable for seniors, for anyone recovering from illness or injury, or for anyone who has not practised for a while.  The class focuses on releasing tensions through basic yoga postures and additional adapted stretches, gently working towards increasing flexibility and strength, ending with a deep and complete relaxation of body and mind.

sivananda prenatal yoga classes

Prenatal Yoga Class

Pregnancy often brings with it an inclination towards introspecting and connection with yourself and the life you are creating, not merely with your body, but with your emotions, mind and spirit. This class consists of classical Hatha yoga exercises adapted for pregnancy: basic yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to help the mind and body adapt to pregnancy, prepare for labour and adjust to a new life. Women are welcome to join the class at any stage in their pregnancy, no prior yoga experience is necessary. Please consult your doctor before attending the pregnancy class.

Sivananda kids yoga class

Kids Yoga Class

Our yoga classes for kids are comprised of traditional yoga poses and breathing, concentration and relaxation exercises, taught in a fun and engaging manner. Yoga promotes a sense of calm and emotional wellness in children, resulting in a sense of peace and a positive outlook. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga helps children to face in a better attitude their daily issues.

  • Develop fitness and coordination
  • Assist with athletic skills if involved with sports
  • Sharpen concentration for better studying
  • Inspire a positive attitude toward life
  • Learn tools to help manage stress and difficult emotions
  • Have fun with friends