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Yogic Studies

These courses offer a deep insight into the principles and concepts of ancient yogic practices. These weekend courses are suitable for beginners who are interested in an introduction to the more philosophical as well as practical aspects of yoga and are also suitable for regular practitioners who are seeking a deeper understanding of these profound practices and concepts.

A deeper understanding of Yogic Studies will give you the tools to put into practice what you have learned over the weekend at the Ashram. This experience and the teachings will transform your daily life.

Upcoming Programmes

08febAll Day10The Art of Forgiveness

15febAll Day17Bhakti Yoga Weekend Short Description: Explore the different practices of the yoga of devotion and how they can transform your life towards more peace and love.

01marAll Day03Let Go of Negative Habits and Cultivate Joy Short Description: Come explore how happiness can be found by transforming negative habits through yoga which supports moving beyond finding peace and joy externally.

29marAll Day31The Mysterious Power of Our Mind Short Description: Learn how to understand the amazing power of your mind, how to calm it and how to experience the world in a more positive light.

12aprAll Day14Understanding Adversity

19aprAll Day21Ayurvedic Perspective on Yoga Asanas

10mayAll Day12Yoga for the Three Bodies

31mayAll Day02junFrom Asanas to Samadhi

21junAll Day23Chakra Cleansing Through Nada Yoga Short Description: Explore how the “yoga of sound” can work on the body’s subtle energy centers to create deeply healing states of peace and clarity.

29julAll Day02augAyurveda Education Week

15augAll Day18The Architecture of Happiness

23augAll Day25Stress Reduction: A Yogic Toolkit for Parents and Children Short Description: Parenting children with mental health challenges can be stressful. This weekend offers both parents and children (9-12) a new look at finding peace and balance through yoga.

06sepAll Day08Building a Spiritual Practice for Busy People Short Description: Learn the power of having a strong home yoga practice that can help foster balance in even the busiest of daily lifestyles.

15sepAll Day19Find Your Voice - Chakra and Meditation Workshop Short Description: Explore the power devotional singing has on raising vibrations, opening the heart and soothing the mind and body.

20sepAll Day22The Art of Positive Thinking

11octAll Day13Bhagavad Gita

25octAll Day27Japa Yoga - The Power of Mantra Repetition

08novAll Day10Sanskrit – Speaking Your Yoga Short Description: Sanskrit is an eternal, vibrant ancient language and learning it can be a fun, fulfilling experience that adds richness and authenticity to a yogic lifestyle and to teaching yoga classes. Open to yoga teachers of all traditions.

06decAll Day08Mala Making Workshop Short Description: Creating your own prayer beads and infusing them with the power of intention is therapeutic, inspiring, and can help guide your spiritual practice into a deeper place though mantra recitation.

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