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Yoga Philosophy

The Yoga Philosophy courses offer a deep insight into principles and concepts of ancient yogic practices. These weekend courses are suitable for beginners who are interested in an introduction to the more philosophical aspects of yoga, and are also suitable for regular practitioners who are seeking a deeper understanding of these profound practices and concepts.

A deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy will give you the tools to put into practice what you have learnt over the weekend at the Ashram. This experience and the teachings will transform your normal life.

Upcoming Programmes

13augAll DayThe Mission of Love Short Description: Discover the limitless potential of divine love in the form of bhakti yoga.

17augAll Day19Vaastu Shastra Short Description: Learn how to organize your space in your home in order to promote spiritually positive vibrations to create a happy home.

18augAll Day22Sitar Concert And Workshops With Hasu Patel Short Description: This workshop and concert is a must for students pursuing music as source of Nada Yoga.

21augAll Day23FeaturedStress Reduction: A Yogic Toolkit For Parents And Children Short Description: This 3-day camp is for families with children (9-12 years old) struggling with mental health difficulties, particularly those with anxiety symptoms.

24augAll Day26Healing your emotional body Short Description: Let yoga help you find balance and good health by healing your mental and emotional body.

31augAll Day02sepAncient Chanting Short Description: Fill your soul with beautiful music by renowned artist Chintan Upadhyay.

07sepAll Day09FeaturedHealthy Lifestyle for Busy People Short Description: Explore yoga's secrets for maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst a chaotic world.

07sepAll Day09Live a Life YOU love Short Description: Do you believe YOUR dream job exists? Do you want to feel fulfilled, find meaning and create positive changes in your work life? This workshop will give you the tools and guidance to do just that.

21sepAll Day23The Art of Positive Thinking Short Description: Acquire a healthy body and mind and learn techniques to become more cheerful and peaceful.

28sepAll Day30Love and Wisdom: Narada, his stories and sutras. Short Description: Explore Narada's Bhakti Sutras and how they give us a greater understanding and devotion.

12octAll Day14FeaturedSanskrit for Yoga Teachers Short Description: Study the relationship between Sanskrit and Yoga.

19octAll Day21The Law of Karma: You are the Master of your Destiny Short Description: What you sow is what you reap! Learn how to create a more positive life, as well as favorable circumstances, opportunities and environments.

26octAll Day28Bring the Ashram Home: How to create your own practice according to your life style Short Description: Let yourself be guided and understand better how to choose the practices that are right for you according to your reality.

02novAll Day04Yoga and Nature-Living with the Seasons Short Description: Learn how to live in rhythm with nature to remain vital and active all year round.

02novAll Day04FeaturedCreating Balance with Essential Oils & Yoga Short Description: What is balance? Why do we get out of balance and how can we combine essential oils, Yoga and simple everyday choices to help.

09novAll Day11The Subtile Anatomy:The Chakra System And The Practice Of Yoga Short Description: This workshop will introduce the Subtle Anatomy and Chakra system and relate it to our practice of Yoga.Through Breathing and Sound we�ll balance and align our Chakra system.

07decAll Day09Mala Making Workshop Short Description: Create your own mala that will inspire you to go deeper in your practice.

14decAll Day16Exploring Hinduism Short Description: Learn some of the profound spiritual truths common to all Hindu practices that can help us lead a more fulfilled life.

21decAll Day23FeaturedFace Stress with Serenity:Change your Way of Dealing with Stress Short Description: Discover the benefits and effects of the practice of yoga on your whole system, body and mind.