Practice from the comfort of your own home. Our online classes/courses will help keep you connected, inspired, and energized.  Amidst the obstacles and concerns of life today, the Sivananda Community wishes to create a space for all yogis to come together at anytime and any place. We’ve seen how important community practice and study can be. By coming together to better ourselves, we help spread those positive vibrations out into the world. The Canada Ashram and Centres will be offering online private and group yoga classes, courses, and workshops over the upcoming weeks. Let us take this time to reconnect with ourselves through the practice.

“When people join together and practice common meditation or San Kirtan, you get the combined or massive effect produced by the simultaneous efforts of all those who take part in the common spiritual Sadhana. A large amount of spiritual force flows in.

– Therefore do collective Sadhana.” – Swami Sivananda


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